Sleep Consultations and Testing.

We specialise in the assessment and management of sleep disorders. Our home sleep studies and consultations are bulk billed which are physician directed. Dr. Sanaz Lehman is a Respiratory and Sleep Physician, previously a Senior Consultant at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Sleep health can play an important role in physical and mental well-being with links to cardiovascular disease, mental health and quality of life well established. At Ashford Sleep, we offer a comprehensive sleep assessment clinic with specialist physician consultation, and sleep study testing. Our clinic is run by an independent sleep physician and in some situations, interventions such as weight loss and lifestyle measures may avoid the need for CPAP treatments.

Patients can be directly referred for a bulk-billed home sleep study by their general practitioner or specialist if they have a STOP-BANG score of ≥5 and an Epworth Sleepiness score of ≥8. The scores are available here. For patients with suspected obstructive sleep apnoea who do not meet these criteria, a bulk-billed consultation with a sleep physician at the clinic is required before a Medicare funded sleep study. Please contact our clinic staff for further to arrange a consultation or sleep study on 83712111 or